The Leggett Brothers

Posted by darrell on 14th June 2011 in Uncategorized


Over thirty (30) years ago, our dad the late Reverend Johnnie Leggett organized a gospel group consisting of us his sons. The group was aptly named The Leggett Brothers. The group is based out of San Jose, California.

Our group’s first project was released in 1982 – Always Stay With God. In 1990 they released Try Jesus. The next project they released was Trouble Don’t Last Always. Videos of songs from the project can be found on YouTube.

We’re excited about our most recent project is titled I’m Going Home. The songs on this project are “I’m Going Home,” “Tribute To Daddy,” “Jesus I Love You,” “I Know He Lives,” “The Goodness Of Jesus,” “Stand By Me,” “Close To You,” “My Soul Says Yes,” “Try Jesus,” “Where Will You Run,” and “Without God I Can Do Nothing.”

The members of the Leggett Brothers are Rodney Leggett, Kenny Leggett, Chris Leggett, Darrell Leggett, Geronimo Jones , Linda Powlovich and Thomas Smith. We also would like to introduce our newest member John Otis on keys.

Our group has been well rooted in the traditional gospel quartet style. Think about any of the groups from the golden era of gospel music and put a fresh arrangement to that music, then  you’ll have a pretty good idea of the vocal and overall musical talents God has blessed The Leggett Brothers with.